Students Welfare Centre

Trust provides scholarships, sponsorships and micro-finance facilities to support students in completing their studies successfully through this centre. It also takes care of nutrition programmes, medical aid programmes, book bank and clothes bank for needy students.

Book Bank scheme

Under ‘Palanpurnivasi Late (Smt.) Maniben Rajmal Mehta College Book Bank’ scheme, every year a set of textbooks is provided to approx. 400 students for one academic year against a refundable deposit.

Students’ Guidance Centre – Sanchetana

This centre provides counseling services to students and staff with the help of qualified professionals, who offer guidance for personal, educational and career problems. The centre also conducts regular workshops on personality development and leadership training, as well as aptitude tests for our school students.

Shri Dharamshi Family Medical Diagnosis Centre and Dispensary

A medical centre is established in the college where a doctor comes twice a week for diagnosis and treatment of minor problems. Some medicines are provided free.

Smt. Zabakben Chhotalal Kamdar Medical Aid Fund

The Medical Aid fund provides financial aid to needy students and grade IV staff for the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems which cannot be treated in our medical centre. The fund is also used for the annual medical checkup of all the 2,000 students of our schools.

Food For Soul Programmes
Mini Lunch Programme for our college students

The ‘Food for Soul’ programmes are for the malnourished students. The programmes have helped in improving the health of the students and hence in their academic performance. Every year around 50,000 lunches are provided for 260 working days of our college to 200 students per day.

Nutritious snacks for our school children

About 250 students who are not covered under the government mid-day meal scheme, receive free nutritious snacks every day. Every year around 55,000 snack packets are provided for 220 working days of our school to 250 students per day.

Clothes bank

Clothes donated by well wishers are disbursed free of cost to needy students

Shri Dharamshi College Canteen

A subsidized canteen is run in the campus, where healthy and hygienic food is served.