1 Diya/Shama Education Sponsorship:Click Here
Annual Sponsorship
(To educate one child for one year.)
5, 000It includes fees,books,uniforms,education accessories,sport coaching & computer training.
Lifetime Rotating Sponsorship
(To educate one child from K.G. To Class XII for 14 years). After child finishes Class XII, another child is selected.)
1,00,000It includes fees,books,uniforms,education accessories,sport coaching & computer training.
2Scholarship Programmes10,000 Onwards To pay fees of needy students. Click Here
3Micro-finance Programme10,000 Onwards Interest-free loans to needy students to pay their fees or to start small scale enterprises. Loans are returned in easy instalments by students/parents.Click Here
4Food For Soul:
Mini Lunch
Nutritious Snacks
Ration Programme
3,500 - 2,500 - 6,000 One day's mini lunch for 200 college students.
One day’s nutritious snacks for 250 school students.
Ration for one needy student’s family for one year @ Rs. 500 per month
Click Here
5Medical Programmes
Medical Aid Fund
Medical Clinic
10,000 Onwards
5,000 Onwards
To provide advanced medical treatment to needy students.
To provide minor medical treatment to needy students.
Click Here
6Infrastructure Projects1,000,000 OnwardsFor setting up and naming of college, department, laboratory, conference room, class room, etc as per the sponsorship amount of each. Click Here
7Prize/Trophy Sponsorships15,000 OnwardsInterest from the sponsorship donation will be used give cash prize along with merits certificate with donor's name. Click Here
8Equipment Donation10,000 Onwards For water coolers, computers, lab equipments, teaching aids, furniture, fixtures etc. Click Here
9Book Bank3,000For one set of text books on loan to one college student. The returned books at the end of the year are then loaned to another student.Click Here
10Clothes Bank 1,000 OnwardsSecond-hand clothes in good condition are also accepted for distribution to needy students.Click Here
11Art for a cause Scholarship fund 50,000 OnwardsThe proceeds of the sale of Shreya Mehta's paintings are donated to scholarship fund to pay partial fees of needy students.