The founders of this institution, inspired by a Jain saint, Shri Pandit Ratnachandraji Maharaj and spurred by the belief that there cannot be a cultured society without educating women, battled against the debilitating bias that existed against women and took up the stupendous task of providing free education to girls by setting up the Ratnachintamani school in 1924 with an initial enrolment of just five girls. The school was later named as Shri Pandit Ratnachandraji Jain (SPRJ) Kanyashala. The SPRJ Kanyashala Trust was established in 1944 to raise funds and widen the scope of this worthy cause.The SPRJ Kanyashala Trust has worked determinedly in the spheres of education and welfare activities for underprivileged girls/women since 1924. The Trust is noted for its complete transparency and full accountability to its donors. These very qualities of the Trust has sustained this institution for more than nine decades and nurtured its stupendous growth. The Trustees assume full responsibility for putting to good, optimum use, the contributions of donors.The Trust provides free/subsidsed education from play school to post-graduate college as well as skill based diploma courses to more than 7000 girls. Many of them are first generation learners from socially and economically poor backgrounds who live in the slums and chawls of central and eastern suburbs of Mumbai. Many of them have the potential and the intellect to do well in higher education if they get the opportunity. If these women are educated and acquire particular skills they can become the life line of their families and an asset to the nation. To support and encourage parents to send their daughters to school/college, the Trust provides free books, uniforms, accessories, transportation, food and medical care. The Trust also provides scholarships, sponsorships and micro-finance facilities to its needy students.


Susanskrit Nari Jagat Kalyankari – A cultured woman nurtures the world.


Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye – Liberation through Education


• To provide education from KG to Post graduate studies for women, free of tuition fees to, especially underprivileged girls.
• To offer short-term diploma and certificate courses suitable to the competencies of needy women to make them self-reliant.
• To provide professional courses which are relevant to today’s market needs, so as to enable women to compete for better jobs and careers.


To provide FREE EDUCATION to girls, especially underprivileged girls so as to –
Empower women, especially deprived and underprivileged women.
Provide equal opportunities for women to participate more effectively in socio-economic activities.
Actualise the human resource potential of women.
Provide better development of children through upliftment of women.