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India literacy rate is 74%. The male literacy rate is 82.14%, while the female literacy rate is only 65.46%! According to UNICEF, education for all is still a distant dream in india. Over one-third of all children drop out before completing elementary education. Of these, the majority are girls from deprived and marginalized families. In Mumbai city itself, more than 1.3 million girls are deprived of their fundamental right to education.

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We Serve Them

Education is that which liberates and empowers. Empowering the deprived and underprivileged is the true spirit of philanthropy. Let us works towards a better society by improving the quality of life of all citizens. Let us have the spirit of giving back something to the society from which we have gained so much. A donor is an investor in social change and partner in community development.

Together We Can Achieve Dynamic Social Development

Charitable educational institutions like ours have the ideas and the programmes to bring about social change, but we have little money to widen the scope of our education programmes. Trusts / NGOs / corporates / individual have the resource but hardly the time, inclination or the human resources to implement education programmes. But together we can bring about dynamic social development. It is our humble appeal to all of you to help us in our endeavour to educate underprivileged girls.

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