sprj-General Donation

General Donation – 5000/- Onwards

Donation to Trust Corpus

Donors may contribute to the general corpus of the Trust any amount they wish, from a minimum of 5000 onwards to avail tax benefit under section 80-G. The corpus is invested and the interest from the corpus is used for the following :

  1. To pay to the government the tuition fees of all the students of all the institutions managed by the Trust. The Trust does not charge any tuition fees from the students.
  2. To pay the salaries of the teaching and non-teaching staff of all the unaided institutions of the Trust.
  3. To pay for expansion and upgradation of school and college facilities and laboratories.
  4. To provide books, uniforms, snacks, health check-ups and pay other fees for all those needy students who have not received sponsorships under our various programmes.
  5. To provide financial aid to class IV category staff members and to students’ families.
  6. To pay for the repair and maintenance of the school and college buildings.
  7. Donors will receive a receipt for their contribution with the 80-G certificate for tax benefit.